I want to go flyboarding!

Flyboarding is unique within the extreme sports. A flyboard is very easy to use: you do not need a lot of training or strength to have fun. This means that nearly everyone is able to use the board, regardless of age and fitness level.

Flyboard lessons

You only need short instructions for flyboarding. You will recieve instructions from our instructors before starting your flyboardsession in Amsterdam or Utrecht. Once you have been instructed you go into the water to experience the endless possibilities of the flyboard.



Capture your flyboard, hoverboard or jetpack session on photo  to make sure you will never forget it.

€ 20,- for the 10 most exciting action shots. Your instructor, who will guide you on the water scooter, will shoot the pictures. The 10 best photos will be send to you as soon as possible!



T: +316 36 28 21 13
E: info@flyboardworld.nl


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