Flyboarding in groups

Would you like to come flyboarding with 6 persons or more? That is convenient! FlyboardWorld has a special rate for groups.

From 6 persons, you do not pay € 55,- but € 50,- per person.

On our location in Amsterdam we are able to welcome up to 100 persons for a flyboarding training. So it is perfect for your bachelor party or (company) outing! Would you like to fill your day with spectacular activities? Flyboarding and bumper balling is the perfect combination between fun on land and adrenaline on water!

Would you like to come flyboarding with 6 persons or more? Please contact us.

Photos & video

Capture your flyboard, hoverboard or jetpack session on photo or video to make sure you will never forget it.

€ 7,50 for the 10 most exciting action shots. Your instructor, who will guide you on the water scooter, will shoot the pictures. The 10 best photos will be send to you as soon as possible!

€ 20,- for an edited movie. Video footage will be shot from the water scooter in Full HD. This footage will be later be edited into a fun film.

Photos & video
Would you like to order photos and videos? Then we will give you €2,50 discount on your order.


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