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In this overview you can find our most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please get in contact with us.

How can I redeem my giftcard at FlyboardWorld?

You canonly use your giftcard by emailing to

Mail your details
1. Day and time that you want to plan your session (check the reservation page for available times)
2. Phone number
3. The kind of gift certificate you want to use (VVV, Surprise Factory or our own gift card)
4. When you have a gift card from FlyboardWorld, please also mention the code of the gift card.

What gear do I need to be able to go flyboarding/ hoverboarding/jetpacking safely?

A wetsuit, life jacket and helmet are required to have a safe session. The gear is provided by us and is available in different sizes at the location. The use of this gear is mandatory. Naturally, the rent of this gear is included in the cost of the session.

Is it difficult?

Flyboard*: It does not require a lot of power or effort to stand up above the water with the flyboard. Almost everyone has experienced the magical feeling of flying above the water after one session of 20 minutes.

Hoverboard**: If you are a fan of boardsports, this might be perfect for you! The success-rate in the first session of hoverboarding is 80%. These people experienced the feeling of boarding above the water within their first session!

Jetpack***: Are you up for something even more challenging? Are you dreaming about flying with a jetpack? The levers of the jetpack, that you control with your hands, are very sensitive, therefore the jetpack is difficult to master. Do you dare to take on this challenge?


Am I able to get changed at the location?

Yes, it is possible to get changed in the changing room at our facility.

What do I need to bring/wear when I go flyboarding?

We request you to bring your swimwear* and a towel. Furthermore, flip-flops can be useful.

*It is mandatory to wear swimwear under your wetsuit.

What is the duration of one session?

The flyboard – and hoverboardsessions take 20 minutes. A jetpacksession takes 15 minutes. These durations are excluding the time for instructions.

How much time before the session do I need to be at the location?

We require you to be at our location at least 30 minutes in advance of your session. This gives you time to get changed and allows our instructors to give you a brief instruction.

What is the maximum weight for the flyboard/hoverboard/jetpack?

There is no maximum weight. The only thing affected when a person is above 120 kilos is the height the flyboard, hoverboard or jetpack will be able to fly.

How old do you have to be to be allowed to go flyboarding, hoverboarding or jetpacking?

The minimum age is 12 years old to go flyboarding, hoverboarding or jetpacking at FlyboardWorld.


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